8 Mar 2015


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Hey everyone!
Indoor shoot for today's post because my photographer has unfortunately been injured and can't leave her house. Though, I really love the homely vibes of these photos and couldn't think of a better way to take this outfit.

This sweater I'm wearing is basically all I wore last winter. This was one of my cheaper finds for $15 at Valleygirl and I think its one of my favourites from my wardrobe. I've always subconsciously digged certain darker green shades because it's wearing colour that isn't too childish; it's also a reminder of those picturesque misty forests that I've always dreamed of going to. I think its a good colour to ease into if black/whites/greys are the basis of your wardrobe and you want to add a tinge of colour to it. 

I hope you all have a good week!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. Photography on point as always tho! xx


  2. this is so lovely! that skirt is gorgeous x


  3. bUDDY I FORGOT TO COMMENT YESTERDAY SORRY i love this i really love the casual vibes its calming me even as i listen to angry rap idk HAHAHA


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