15 Dec 2013


.: dress, second-hand (well bought it off someone else) | creepers, eBay :.

Hey guys! So today was just a really lazy day at home and I was practically wrapped in my blanket and lounging around all morning. I had a nice afternoon though and I absolutely adore this dress because of the cute flowers lined across my waist, it's also a super light dress that makes frolicking easy yay! 

Anyway, I named this post after my friend because it is her birthday in 30 or so minutes and she is such a cute lovely person who is also a dedicated reader of my blog and I love her a lot so this is for her! ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER!

I hope you all have a lovely week,
Stay well and keep smiling! 
Ciao for now,
- S x
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  1. awww you're the sweetest - dedicated your blog posts to your friends.
    I love the cut out of the waist. Black dresses are so underappreciated during summer.

  2. ohh my godness! you look totally stunning! <3 beautiful photos!!
    Emma xx

  3. nice dress~


  4. In love with the detailing on the waist of your dress! I'm so jealous that it's hot where you are & you get to wear easy breezy stuff, cold weather is such a drag sometimes.

    not haute

  5. Aw your look so pretty. Lovely photos
    Lucia's Loves


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